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1. Why is the brand named "Mùi Xoa"? 

"Mùi Xoa" is the Vietnamese translation of the French word “mouchoir“ which means a piece of tissue. (morceau de tissu) Nowadays, within the invention of paper tissues, the mouchoir are dissapearing from our daily life. Most of the people associate the mouchoir with its practical uses, multifunction and hygiene but forget about its beauty. Looking back into the history of clothing it was just not only a tissue, but a noble accessoir, a personal signature and an object of prestige. For me, thinking of a mouchoir is a way of coming back to the past, to come closer to the memories of my childhood. When I see a mouchoir, I see my grandmother carefully wrapping yasmine blossoms from our garden in her mouchoir which she always carried with her. I see my mother using the mouchoir to dot my sweaty face when I was a young wild boy. Then, I see their mouchoires hanging out the laundry in the sun and I see me observing how they were blown over by the wind in our courtyard. There is something beautiful in these moments which I want to capture and conserve with "mùixoa".

2. What are the products Mùi Xoa? 

Handkerchief size 54x54cm cotton and silk scarf in 110x110cm format using Vietnam traditional silk.

3. Why use cotton?

Our cotton originated from Japan. international standards

4. The origin of silk material and how the design on the scarfs were developed?

I chose silk from Bao Loc, Lam Dong, where the textile is woven from silk thread. 
The images are series combination of Dong Ho folk painting and Vietnamese fairy tales.

5. Obstacles during the production process? 

To print on pure silk, there are two main ways, screen printing and digital printing.  
The colour and sharpness are easy to adjust using the silk screen printing method. However, in Vietnam, this method cannot achieve the level of sophistication of images compared with digital printing. 

Muixoa products are digitally printed.